Electric Curtains - Silent Gliss Metropoles

Fabric-Mills- 0008 electric-curtain-tracksElectric Curtain Tracks

Fabric Mills can assist in design, selection and installation of electronic curtain tracks allowing commercial and domestic properties to have motorised curtains that are operated remotely. There are a range of options when it comes to curtain tracks / decorative metropoles giving you complete freedom of design and aesthetics.

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Fabric-Mills- 0010 curtain-bracket-options

Wide Range of Bracket Options

Silent Gliss Metropoles have a range of bracket options to suit your requirements.

Fabric-Mills- 0009 curtain-pole-size

Pole Size and Colour

Silent Gliss offer a variety of colours and pole sizes. Sizes range from 23mm to 50mm poles and the colour options are vast.

Fabric-Mills- 0005 metropole-finials-and-midials

Finials and Midials

Silent Gliss Tracks can be used to add to the decorative effect of a metropole and allow for endless customisation possibilities