Oilcloth Fabric / PVC Fabric UK

wipeable-pvcCheck out our fabulous range of Oilcloth/ PVC fabric.

PVC coated fabric is the perfect choice for durable soft furnishings for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Hard wearing and easy to clean makes it perfect for Kitchen tablecloths. These fabrics are also great for making on-trend bags, aprons, even raincoats.



Ducks in Eggshell PVC (Matt Finish) FM5373 £ 14.00
Foxes in Canvas PVC FM5372 £ 14.00
Pheasants in Canvas PVC (Matt Finish) FM5371 £ 14.00
Christmas Snowflakes on Red PVC FM5368 £ 14.00
Jade Damask PVC (Matt Finish) FM5349 £ 14.00
Lovebirds in Mustard PVC (Matt Finish) FM5348 £ 14.00
Spot PVC (Matt Finish) in Wedgewood FM5347 £ 14.00
Swans in Aqua PVC FM5325 £ 13.50
Finch Toile PVC (Matt Finish) FM5290 £ 14.00
Trees in Tangerine PVC (Matt Finish) FM5291 £ 14.00
Moo Moo PVC (Matt Finish) FM5289 £ 14.00
Funky Chickens PVC (Matt Finish) Colonial FM5105 £ 14.00
Funky Chickens PVC (Matt Finish) Vintage FM5104 £ 14.00
Denim Polka Dot PVC FM5087 £ 13.50
Bluebell PVC FM5020 £ 13.50
Spot PVC (Matt Finish) in Mustard FM5026 £ 14.00
Spot PVC (Matt Finish) in Pebble FM5041 £ 14.00
Spot PVC (Matt Finish) in Willow FM5040 £ 14.00
Pear PVC (Matt Finish) FM5029 £ 14.00
Spot PVC (Matt Finish) in Cherry FM5028 £ 14.00
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